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Tactical Training

Combat Handgun 200

Tactical Handgun 300

Defensive Shotgun 100

Tactical Shotgun 200

Tactical Rifle 100

Tactical Rifle 200 (with Fieldcraft Skills)

Low Light Shooting

Active Shooter Training

Training Courses Customized to Shooter's Specific Needs

NRA Certified Training

Our Staff includes NRA Certified Instructors and NRA Certified Training Courses, including Basic Pistol Shooting, Personal Protection in the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home.

Women's Self-Defense Classes

Students learn to avoid and deal with hazardous encounters when lethal force is not necessary or available. This course will teach students proper situational awareness, using verbal and non-verbal communications, and defensive tactics. After completion of the course, students are invited to attend 2-hour workshops where we learn new maneuvers for self protection.

Rocking M Ranch

94 Wild Willie Road

Clark, Wyoming 82435


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