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Combat Handgun 200

This is an intermediate handgun course where students learn proper handgun manipulation, malfunction clearances, and shooting around barricades. Students will also be introduced to moving and shooting drills. Prerequisite: NRA Basic Pistol Course or equivalent.

Course length: 8 hrs

Course cost: $150

Tactical Handgun 300

This course is for the experienced shooter. Students will learn proper movement while using a firearm and develop defensive and offensive tactics for real world situations. Deployment of a concealed pistol from inside a vehicle will be taught, including safety issues involved in shooting from a vehicle and live fire drills. Live fire drills include shooting through barriers to learn bullet deflection. The course includes instruction from medical staff personnel to treat and survive gun shot wounds. A moderate level of physical fitness is required. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Combat Pistol 200 or equivalent.

Course length: 8 hours

Course cost: $200

Defensive Shotgun 200

In this course, students learn proper movement while deploying a shotgun in defense of a home environment. Training includes shooting through barricades to pattern shotgun penetration and proper search techniques under low light conditions. 

Prerequisite: Defensive Shotgun 100 or equivalent

Course length: 8 hours

Cost of Course: $200

Tactical Rifle 100

Learn the proper handling, shooting, and cleaning skills for a tactical rifle. Any AR style, M1/Mini 14, or Scout type rifle will work well for this course. The course will provide specific information and handling skills for students' rifle types.

Course length: 8 hrs.

Course cost: $150

Defensive Shotgun 100

Don't forget about using a shotgun as an effective defensive firearm. This course will cover proper handling, shooting, loading , and cleaning of a tactical shotgun. Students will fire slugs for accuracy, learn proper engagement distances for buckshot, and loading techniques to keep the shotgun running.

Course length: 8 hrs

Course cost: $150

Tactical Rifle 300 (with Fieldcraft

Learn how to deploy a tactical rifle in the field. Learn proper and safe moving skills, shoot in various environmental conditions, close quarters battle deployment with a rifle, as well as unknown distance shooting. Students will also learn the effects of shooting through barriers. This class requires a moderate level of physical fitness. Prerequisite Tactical Rifle 100

Course length. 8 hrs.

Course cost: $200

Active Shooter Training

3-day school includes Basic/Intermediate Pistol Shooting Skills, Team Movement Drills, Force-on-Force Interactions. A moderate level of physical fitness is required.

Course length: 3 days

Cost of School: $450 

Low Light Shooting

This defensive class introduces shooting in a low light environment. Statistics show that most defensive situations arise at night. You hear a noise at 2:00 am, and what happens then? Where are your kids? Your spouse? Your mother-in-law? Learn search and navigation techniques while keeping yourself safe.

Course length: 4 hours

Course cost: $75

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