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Our Instructors

Tim Morgan - Retired Law Enforcement Officer, SWAT Team Operator, State Firearms Instructor, and LEO Trainer

Iris Morgan - ​ USNR-R, Experienced Government Trainer

We're a Husband and Wife Training Team, and we're focused on providing a safe, comfortable (yet exciting!) training atmosphere. Whether deciding to purchase a firearm or enhancing shooting skills and tactical training, our students will learn valuable gun handling and safe, responsible use of various firearms. 

Our Facility

Not only do we have a professional classroom to make a comfortable learning environment, we have a dedicated 25-yard pistol range and a rifle range with bench rests at 100 and 200 yards. We also have "in the field" unknown distance targets out to 1,000 yards. 

Menu Items

Shooting Behind Cover

Defensive Shooting

Low Student-to-Trainer Ratio

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